Abhainn na Bandon or Ban-Dea

The River Bandon - Abhainn na Bandon or Ban-Dea which means "Goddess" begins life on her mother mountain Nowen Hill part of the Shehy Mountain range. This mountain range has a long history of human habitation going back at least 5,000 years. Numerous monuments including ringforts, standing stones and fulachta fia are scattered through its foothills and valleys. 

Over many millenia reaching back into pre history settlers have been sensitive to locate in an area that afforded security and offered them access to a naturally occurring food supply. Nature then was bountiful and our rivers, lakes and woodlands provided all that was needed. 

The Bandon, Ilen and Mealagh are a trinity of rivers spawned on Nowen Hill. All named after Goddesses. Three was a significant number of spiritual importance to our Celtic ancestors and a trinity of rivers held enormous magic. This made the area of cave on Cnoc na n-Abhann a very special place

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