Symbolism of the Pentagram

Among Christians, the pentagram has symbolized the five wounds of Christ — his hands and feet punctured by the Crucifixion and his side pierced by a soldier’s spear — as well as the Star of Bethlehem and Christ himself. This symbol is also used by Muslims, the Bahai Faith, and Wicca.

For Wiccans, “five points often represent the five elements of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. The pentagram may also symbolize masculine and feminine, or the Triple Goddess (three points) and the Horned God (two points). It is often regarded as a protective talisman used to “invoke or banish spirits.” 


The inverted pentagram is the symbol used for Satanism, sometimes depicted with the goat's head of Baphomet within it, which originated from the Church of Satan. In some depictions the devil is depicted, like Baphomet, as a goat, therefore the goat and goat's head is a significant symbol throughout Satanism. 

The inverted pentagram is also used as the logo for The Satanic Temple, which also featured a depiction of Baphomet's head. The Sigil of Baphomet is also adopted by the Joy of Satan Ministries who instead incorporate cuneiform script, attributing it to the earliest use of the pentagram in Sumeria. 

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