Gathering and planting Acorns Autumn 2023

Acorns have appeared early this year like so many things coming early, blackberries, tomatoes etc. Its been an overall strange year with extreme weather patterns effecting nature. But sad to say these weather patterns are here to stay and will only get worse over time due to Global Warming. We had two big storms hit in August which is very unusual for the summer. 

Humans have done irreversible damage it would seem to the planet, so with that in the back of my mind I want to give something back atleast... My solution is to grow oak tree's from home and replant them back out into the wild. Oak tree's are relatively easy to grow from acorn. Just place them into a pot or container of some kind and lightly cover with soil. Let them be outside over the winter and watch out for the shoots that follow later after germination. Then its just a matter of transplanting each seeding to it own pot and watch it grow before planting it out in nature where it will grow into a mature tree.

Here's a 2 year old Oak tree, grown at home from an acorn

After two and half years the tree is ready to be planted out in the world

Another oak planted in the garden with full leaf display in the summer

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