The Power of Nettles to fight Hayfever

All my life I've suffered from hayfever for as long as I can remember I've been damned with this affliction. It usually starts in the month of April as life begins to come back in the tree's, when plants and long grasses return. Sneezing, itchy eyes, sinus and rotating asthma are my bodies reaction to pollen. 

The one tablet per day of antihistamine does the job but this year I've decided to try something more natural in my battle against hayfever. Someone said stinging nettle tea works very well so I've put it to the test. The results were felt within an hour of drinking a cup of nettle tea. 

The sneezing reduced, no red, itchy eyes and I felt well once again! I bought this really handy diffusion tea pot from Tesco recently where I can easily place leafs into the filter and pour hot water in turn unlocking the goodness of plants like nettle. 

Natural medicine is a thing again, it was for hundreds of years before pharmaceutical companies dished out medication and made a fortune. The old ways still work and with the widespread abundance of nettle they are easily accessible to anyone. If your a fellow hayfever sufferer try nettle tea to combat the war on pollen allergy.

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