Book Review - Hawthorn by Bill Vaughn


I've just finished finished reading the book by Bill Vaughn titled Hawthorn. Its a fascinating book that covers everything about the mythical hawthorn tree. He covers in-depth the story of the Hawthorn over the ages and how humans have used it as far back as Celtic times for forging their metal to make weapons, a tree that was used to offer protection to landowners and their animals, the red berries that are used as a natural health supplement for heart and digestive strength, a tree that the native Indians recognized for its health benefits.

I like the way the author has written this book from start to finish, you can tell he has a special connection to this tree and has done an excellent job of pulling the stories and fascinating information together in this book. There's also a chapter dedicated to the Glastonbury hawthorn which is connected to Jospeph and the legends of King Arthur.

If you enjoy tree's like I do you will definitely enjoy reading this book. I got mine from my local library, its also available to buy online on Amazon. I hope you enjoy.

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