Ancient Irish Hag Stones


Some claim that hag stone’s spiritual intentions originated with the Druids, who believed they contained powerful spiritual energy and healing characteristics. The Druids referred to hag stones as Maen Magi, Glain Neidr, or snake stones. They’re also sometimes referred to as adder stones.
The stone’s spiritual meaning is associated with protection, healing, and knowledge in modern times. They are often used in protective spells, worn, or kept in handbags and pockets as good luck charms. Some believe the hag stone’s spiritual meaning represents ancestral wisdom and is connected to the energy of their insight and guidance. 
Many different spiritual meanings are associated with the hag stone throughout Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. They were believed to be objects of protection from evil spirits. Many folklores claim that peering through the hole will enable you to glimpse spirits from another real

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